Tom Dixon Cork Candle Large

Tom Dixon Cork Candle Large

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  • Type: Candle

A candle with a subtle fragrance that’s close to nature, protected by a raw cork casing with sculptural forms.

Cork is made of cork from Portugal: a light, natural material that contrasts with the solid silhouette of the candlestick.

Original use of the material, the cork has undergone intense heat treatment that burns its natural sugars. The result is an unexpected dark colour that really shows off the material.

Contained in a glass jar, the candle can easily be removed from the cork candle stick. Once the candle is completely burned down, its attractive 100% recyclable pot with its Tom Dixon stamp can be reused to store your little treasures.

Cork's fragrance is inspired by the natural qualities of cork: a subtle, delicious smell that combines leather, vetiver and patchouli. A timeless woody mix, evoking the scents rising up from the earth in the early morning.

  • Dimensions : 12 x 12 x H 16 cm