Amod Aromas - Dusk Jardins de l'Inde

Amod Aromas - Dusk Jardins de l'Inde

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  • Type: Candle

Literally translating to "the gardens of India", this is an airy, luminous and a sparkling fragrance. Inspired by the other worldly experience of flowers, Jardins De l’inde invokes that intangible feeling when colour, fragrance and form meet your senses in the form of exquisite blossom. The heart is a bouquet of roses celebrating joie de vivre over a base of tuberose underscored with notes of violet.

A simple yet sophisticated composition this incense captures nature with a fragrance that is spontaneous, lively and radiant.

Top:    Violet
Heart: Rose
Base:   Tuberose


Box contains:

50 sticks, each with a burn time of approximately 80 minutes, giving a total burn time of 65 hours.

A six sided brass burner that can hold stick at 60 and 90 degrees.