Normann Copenhagen Magic Jar 3.5L - Candyfloss Rose

Normann Copenhagen Magic Jar 3.5L - Candyfloss Rose

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The design of the Magic jars encapsulates the enchanting atmosphere inside Tivoli, which occurs when thousands of lights, colors and patterns meet in one place and create the park’s lively ambience. The glass is mouth-blown and then painted to create a dazzling color effect. Tivoli’s playful side is also emphasized in the combination of the different colors, as well as the oversized shapes.

The Magic jars offer storage for smaller treasures. Use the delicate colored glass jars to store silk scarves, your favorite candy, as an alternative vase or simply as an eye-catching statement piece in the decor.

Bring the Tivoli feeling home with design objects by Normann Copenhagen.

H: 33 x Ø: 17,5 cm
1.9 kg