Missoni Walbert #170 Hand Towel

Missoni Walbert #170 Hand Towel

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  • Type: Hand Towel

Walbert is a yarn dyed terry bath towel using a cool palette. The lovely thing about this towel is the combination of velour and loop pile in a variegated warp and weft stripe design that intersect to create a check pattern.

Combine with Warner or Wilbur in the same colourways for a mix and match effect.

Optical brighteners are not our friend! This chemical is added to washing powder to keep shirts ‘white’ but will dramatically lessen the life of the beautiful colours on your Missoni Home pieces. Select Eco-friendly washing products or read the fine print.

Machine washable at 40 degrees. 100% cotton

Sizes (cm):
Hand Towel: 40x70
Bath Towel: 70x115