Japanese Ceramic Candle - Madara (Komorebi)

Japanese Ceramic Candle - Madara (Komorebi)

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  • Type: Candle

With a textured indigo glaze the Madara Candle is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The vessel is crafted in Gifu, Japan, and the pure soy wax poured in our Surry Hills studio. We design each candle to be re-usable. Once your wax burns out, pop up the wick, wash with hot soapy water to use the vessel as a Japanese tea cup, pot planter or vase. For our Sydney friends, you can bring your candle back to our store for a refill.

- Cup made in Japan

- Soy wax poured in our Sydney studio

- Approx. 35-40 hrs burn time

Scent: Komorebi - Hinoki, Japanese pine, cedarwood, conifers + incense