Bemboka Pure Italian Cashmere Scarf - Grey

Bemboka Pure Italian Cashmere Scarf - Grey

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  • Type: Scarf

Bemboka has an established reputation as a luxury brand that has set the standard for sophisticated, understated blankets and throws of superb quality.

Using exclusive yarns of outstanding quality, all Bemboka products may be machine washed and tumble dried.

An accessory for all seasons, the soft, luxurious Italian-spun Bemboka Cashmere Scarf collection is crafted from premium quality 100% Cashmere yarn. These premium, high-quality yarns create a luxurious feel and soft handle, famously achieved across the Bemboka cashmere collection.

Expertly spun in Italy by Filati Biagioli Modesto, the Grade A, two-ply, 14-micron yarn is double-twisted, creating a beautiful, light, breathable wardrobe staple, versatile enough for every occasion.